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Why Directions HR

Many HR generalists struggle to understand the nuances of specific IT roles.

Partner with IT recruitment specialists who understand your world. From in-depth consultations to strategic sourcing and technical assessments, our team speaks your language. Directions HR is dedicated to finding the tech talent that will power your business growth.

Build Teams That Drive Growth
Our Talent Transformation approach ensures your hiring process scales with your business..
Ditch Inefficient Hiring
Streamline your process, save valuable time, and reach your scaling goals.
Build Diverse, World-Class Teams
Our international network finds talent that aligns with your vision.

AIR FLOW System: Effortless Hiring, Global Reach

Accelerate time-to-hire with our AIR FLOW precision matching.

Our unique AIR FLOW system accelerates your IT hiring process. This proven methodology draws from a global talent pool, precisely matching your technical requirements with the ideal candidates. The result? Faster time-to-hire, cost savings, and the best talent to drive your business forward. Ready to transform your hiring? Contact us to learn more about the AIR FLOW system.

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This section comprises papers and articles useful for professionals, employers, entrepreneurs, managers, HR consultants and students. New concepts, ideas and methodologies that enrich knowledge and enhance solutions.

1.Constructive isolation

When contracted with typical syndromes of information impact, a stereotypical pattern of economic actions are encouraged ............

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2. Truth Lies

This paper takes stock of real life situation and reflects on possibilities while framing goals and designing strategies......

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Who We Are

We Started

Directions HR started in the backdrop of discouraging global IT scenarios. It was the period when the Dotcom bubble busted just afterY2K rise. The grave situation in IT continued for 2-3 years precisely speaking from 2000 to 2003. There was mass exodus of Indian IT professional commune from US. It was troubled waters for all; IT employer, IT entrepreneurs and especially IT professionals. Critical test was for any manpower consulting firm operating in India to understand the market...

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