Environmental Sustainability policy:

Our operation is responsible for developing and maintaining local environmental management policies and guidance practices appropriate to the local business environment.

We operate our business process in a manner that is harmonious with the community where we are located.

We reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions from our office activities through cost-effective measures whenever possible.

We limit business travel whenever possible. When travel is necessary, we choose the costeffective, lowest impact transportation modes available. We also insist our employees use rideshare instead of taking individual vehicles, thus reducing our carbon footprint.

We consume water responsibly and manage the waste generated from our office activities according to “Reduce / Reuse / Recycle.” Bottled water and other individual-sized containers should be avoided where possible.

We consider environmental factors when selecting new office spaces and furnishings.

We ensure environmental, including climate change, criteria in procuring goods and services.

Practice for Sustainability:

We encourage ourselves to follow best practices to help reduce our carbon footprint as an organization. These guidelines are not exhaustive, but we always look for new opportunities to improve the environment.

Temperature Control: We program our thermostats according to the State govt energy-saving recommendation. It requires setting the temperature to 78°F during peak hours. Also, we ensure our thermostat turns on shortly before work starts, turns off before the end of the day, and is completely switched off for the weekends. These and other minor adjustments have reduced our energy consumption by more than 40%.

Lighting: We have a sensor LED light installed in our office, which goes off after 15 minutes, and the monitor goes to sleep after a set amount of time. We ensure maximum natural light from windows or glass doors. We also turn off lights and electronics whenever it’s not in use and when the office is not occupied.

Office Equipment: Almost all our office equipment’s energy efficiency helps us save around 20% of energy consumption.

Travel: We offer flexible working hours and work from home to most of our staff; it helps reduce cost and environmental impact. We leverage technology such as video conferencing for meetings and training. We also insist everyone use public transportation and ride-sharing services whenever possible.

Office Waste: Directions is proud to call itself a paperless firm, and we make sure to use recycled paper whenever it is necessary. We are also plastic free; we try to use reusable water bottles and other products to reduce office waste.