Employment Assistance

While working on finding right employment opportunity for IT professionals, Directions continuously intends at reducing huddles, minimising mismatches, recommending what is best and undergoing ground-study of/for clients. It means the process designed at Directions do not make candidates run here and there; saves time & headache. It maximizes chances of professionals achieving higher professional standards during their carrier time.

Following are the critical objectives that Directions focuses on while catering to professionals:

Objective1: Maximise Benefits

Generally two types of benefits Directions establishes. First type is monetary benefit which includes fixed and variable components in salary. We believe in getting and giving worth, nothing less nothing more! Most of the times salaries are negotiated. What Directions does during the negotiation process is that it remains passive observer and seeing the best getting best to either of parties i.e. client or professional. We encourage free dialogues between our clients (Partner Companies) and the professionals. Second type is throwing better job-challenges that thrill professionals. Client vacancies are analysed by Directions team before they are recommended. This way Directions tries to maximise benefits to professionals making them seek employment bliss.

Objective2: Up Career trend-line

Directions studies individual CVs with patience and makes out strong features in professional’s CV. It is also consciously seen how professionals get Inspirational Roles that takes them to greater carrier heights. The pursuit is depicted by a paper-plane in Directions logo. Moreover selected vacancies are calibrated on `Diverse job content’ scale for versatility in the role. Afterall putting 100% of self into responsible roles makes everybody happy; Directions included!

Mental Health
Objective3: Minimizing Hurdles

In IT industry, situation demands faster decision making and prompt actions. Staying competitive this way invites various kinds of emotional difficulties, technical doubts and workplace chaos. Directions tries to reduce huddles of psychological, sociological, cultural and economic nature by sounding out professionals upfront on client company culture in details. A special care is also taken while judging geographic convenience to professional with respect to lodging and boarding if he/she is not local.

Suitable job
Objective4: Relevant Search

Professionals are guided in such a way that they could locate suitable Partner Companies that can unfold and share vision beneficial in long run. This reduces fatal vision mismatch, minimizes chances of landing up in a place where the non-technical skills could be underutilized..

This indicates Directions is quite selective in suggesting companies to the professionals. Also we encourage professionals for building healthy vision for life.