More Services

Directions differentiates itself from other consulting firms by not being just an ‘employment exchange’ but assisting the professionals all the way as a team member. Following services are add-on services those are directed to help the professionals in the busiest employment market; the only requirement is ‘will to work’. We see professionals enjoy worry-free life.

CV verification

Many a times CVs of professionals are rejected not due to incompatibility of their skills but merely due to presentation handicaps. We help such professionals by verifying their CVs and suggesting them amendments. Under this service we largely help professionals present their fort on paper that has real value in the employment market..

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Company diligence

CVs deposited with us are validated when called for by the Clients (Partner Companies). Interestingly we set our validation process according to the Client (Partner Companies) standards. We try strictly sticking up to professional’s original credentials. Under this service, we help professionals in understanding the Company to fullest. We provide the company information like financials, operational areas, working culture, technical details and strategic issues..

Mock interviews

For professionals who would like to upgrade themselves on soft-skills, we arrange mock-interviews under the guidance of specialists. Such exercise is targeted to increase interpersonal communications skills. We set 3 mock interviews at right intervals. We test the results before and after feedback..


This not core to our practise even thought, for outside professionals we help arrange better rented accommodations through our established links. This reduces enormous inconvenience and avoids legal and practical difficulties. So IT professionals have now have reason to relax and move freely!

Lodging and boarding

Well., IT professionals are always mobile. While they are in transit either for their job-interviews or for other official purposes, we ensure them proper lodging and boarding in quality hotels according to the budget quoted.