Value Added Services

Directions while concentrating on main clientele process also watches carefully the growing needs of software industry in USA and worldwide. Due to horizontal and vertical expansion of the business at alarming speed, needs of the software industry are increasing everyday. In order to cater to those needs, we have been streamlining our processes to provide solutions under single umbrella. A decade long experience in manpower consulting makes us suitable for providing range of extended services to the various software companies.

Employee Subcontracting

With changing structure of the organisations in today’s software industry, different HR practices are adopted for effective use of resources. In order to cut the cost of operations, companies are moving for outsourcing entire HR functions. This reduces risk of permanent employment and cuts down added training costs. Directions helps software companies working in any part of world with best staffing services. Directions can work with IT skilled staff onshore or offshore. We take ownership of the recruitment process on a customer’s site or dedicated off-site where recruitment processes are run or managed completely by us. This service is increasingly gaining momentum as industries with a perennial hiring pattern, yet a dynamic volume, appreciate being able to scale up & scale down capacities at short notice.

Locations supported: South East Asia, UK, Europe, USA

Sectors supported: Offshore/ Outsourcing IT

Co Working

Employee Diligence

We undertake the investigation of the Company employees who are about to join the company or already joined the company. In the diligence we check his credentials right from his education to experience level.

Visa Processing

The companies which are going global need Indian staff on priority basis. The mess in Visa processing can potentially delay the project work. Directions with its Visa agency connections help Companies/ mobile manpower in Visa processing. The services are only for IT sector.