Main Partner Services

The quality focus in providing IT manpower is core to Directions. Due to perennial relationship with our clients, we call them Partner Companies. For serving such Partners, a reliable process is designed that responds timely. In a way, we try to become an extension to people-structure of the Partner Companies. We employ both formal and informal techniques during the search process. We go to the extent of imparting training to the professionals if required, for which we have tie-ups with Software Training Centres. This reduces much load on our client. Time and again, we have proven that our partner companies get absolute talent. Right people work with right companies at right time.


Unique focal-points of Partner Companies services

High Human resource efficacy
Directions creates unique links with professionals known for accomplishing difficult of the difficult task in ordinary circumstances. Battery of more professionals with high enterprising attitude is available with these links. Partner Companies are benefited multi-fold by elevating their human resource efficacy by recommending right professionals for the job.
Low Attrition rate
The manpower routed through Directions substantially reduce risk of attrition; thanks to early consultation done by Directions with professionals! Directions remain in direct touch with professionals for long time and builds feedback. The feedback can be later communicated to the Partner Company that could help in pre-empting possibility of employee dissatisfaction.
Minimum Resources applied
There is also a focus on selecting the candidates with compatible learning attitude so as to minimize pressure on client’s training resource. The wastage of resources in searching able candidates on part of Partner Companies is prevented effectively through a customised selection processes. The time spent on process reduces down drastically and budget for it shrinks significantly.
Search area
According to recent findings, Professionals with Diverse background contribute towards team cohesion. Also such diverse team brings different perspective in designing difficult solutions. Directions help Partner Companies in getting employees from diverse background. Out of so many professionals, after due communication, Directions finds select band of few who understand and ready to share the vision. It increases search base but cuts cost and time.

Few Partners

We work with specialised companies who have domain expertise and who lead market by customer base and product quality. We take pride in their achievements and we work towards their qualitative attainments. This leads us to new heights in the partnerships. We have special appreciation for product development companies in software development area. Few trans-national and multi-national companies mainly based in North America are our partners. We have few Partner Companies from India too.