Current Openings

OPEN SYSTEM: (Exp: 3 to 15 Yrs )

  • C, Unix/Linux/Windows Kernel, File System, Multi Threading, Socket, Networking etc.
  • C,C++, VC++ Win32, Com/Dcom, Outlook Plugin,MAPI ,LDAP , SMTP etc.
  • C,C++,VC++ , Multithreading/ Socket Programming/Device Driver , UNIX/Linux/Windows.

JAVA PROGRAMMERS: (Exp: 3 to 15 Yrs )

  • Strong Development Experience in Core Java (or any other Equivalent Object Oriented Programming Language). Experience in J2EE technology such and JSP, EJB, JMS etc. frameworks such as Struts and Hibernate is preferred. Experience in application development using XML is strong desired.

DOT NET PROGRAMMERS: (Exp: 3 to 15 Yrs )

  • Strong Development Experience on ASP, .NET and C#. Expertise in following areas will be assumed: ASP, .NET Security/ In Process – Out Process State Management / Localisation / Master Page / Profiles / Custom Web Controls / Web Services and WSE 3.0 / ADO.NET. Basic Javascript / AJAX knowledge is expected.
For above mention skills sets we are looking for Sr Developer/ Tech Leader / Technical Architect / Principal Architect / Product Manager for our clients.
Domain: Storage, Networking, Telecom, Finance, Telecom.

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