We Started

We Started

Directions started in the backdrop of discouraging global IT scenario. It was the period when the Dotcom bubble busted just afterY2K rise. The grave situation in IT continued for 2-3 years precisely speaking from 2000 to 2003. There was mass exodus of Indian IT professional commune from US. It was troubled waters for all; IT employer, IT entrepreneurs and especially IT professionals. Critical test was for any manpower consulting firm operating in India to understand the market, communicate new skill requirements to trainers and make better fits for skills. In such circumstances, Directions truly took onus of displaced professionals who were badly affected by the paucity of IT opportunities.

Despite many odds, Directions entered into IT HR consulting business practice with a vision. Thanks to aspirations and domain knowledge of the core team! Directions team members had put 5 to 6 years working on software product development projects before starting Directions in 2003. Therefore they were well connected to different IT markets, they had known people with IT skill-sets and they could foresee the technology transition. What was done successfully was fitting apt IT professionals into best importunate positions in the software development area.

Over the years Directions Manpower Consulting earned confidence of professionals and client-companies mainly due to its well laid processes and quick results. When Directions started, it worked with very few clients. It was one man team that time. Even then it could able to net a fabric of strong relationship, formal and informal, with clients and professionals. Being a small was never a constraint. The quality of service acted as an essential catalyst and made clients engage into long term relationship with Directions. Expanding clientele base is not the focus of Directions. Surprisingly, the increase in client (Partner Companies) happened every year. The inner strengths make Directions so capable that it aspires for the best slot in the industry by making simple innovations work for its clients.

Using technical and no-technical resources effectively those are unleashed by fusion of market economies and growing Indian IT sector is what Directions endeavour in coming years; much is done by putting best of efforts in serving glocal (global+local) stakeholders.

Milestones Crossed


Directions Manpower Consulting established


Veritas becomes first MNC client for Directions


Directions client portfolio doubled


MNC client reached to Seven


Entry into USA market

Our Vision

To be the highly preferred and highly reliable man power consulting firm in global IT market.

Our Mission

To remain abreast of latest developments in economy, technology and people skills that should make client companies link best professionals in speedy manner.

We Value

Ethical, Inquisitiveness and friendliness