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Directions Manpower Consulting encourages building a platform for delivering new ideas that make significant difference. Some of the articles listed here are showcase of ideas those emerged out of silent wedding between HR theory and HR practice. Such ideas undoubtedly give impetus to thinking in Human Resource Management area..

E article

Constructive isolation

When contracted with typical syndromes of information impact, a stereotypical pattern of economic actions are encouraged leading to a supra-emotional mechanical lifestyle. In todys world of information, many information tools are available that help client classify the information making it structured packets. The dissemination of structured information may be as fast as light or sound but to act on such information requires different skill-set. To align with these skills, this paper presents a technique for rearranging thought processes that ensures proper real time decisions for managers.

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Truth Lies

This paper takes stock of real life situation and reflects on possibilities while framing goals and designing strategies. The critical evaluation of any goal/strategy can be done by splitting it into two halves. First half is true to certain extent and another half is reverse of it i.e. untruth. The paper elaborates further that the most likely goals are rather feasible. It is relative that they have component of certainty in them. On the other side other part can’t be denied. The untruth part co-exhibits too. The paper concludes that feasibility is relative concept and at many times responsible for birth of its counterpart i.e. infeasibility; apparent truth conceives a lie therefore, says the paper. .... (mail us at info@directionshr.com to get the complete article)